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A communication or conversation between young people or in a group of people, called teen chats. Sometimes this conversation could be particular or casual about something. Or this could also be in the form of text messages/ SMS, or in the form of synchronous conferencing which is an online chat form. In a simple definition, chat can be defined as “transmission of messages/text messages/SMS over the internet between people. There might be more than two people involved in this conversation. Generally, these messages kept short to get a quick response.

Features provided for users:

A teen chat is a conversation between teenagers, over the internet. This conversation might be offline as well. Multiple chat options are there over the internet to make the chat private and secure. Also, there are a lot of teen chat apps; which you can use as a chat option. Teen chat rooms are made for the teens of age 13 to 19 years, where they can freely chat with other teenagers. Apart from this, teen chat rooms are also available where boy and girls of teenage meet online and have great time and fun. Sharing/ chatting/ talking with people of the same age is what teenagers like most to do. Being a teenager, the best thing is to do is having an awesome time with the people of same age. There are multiple websites created for young people, where the teenage users share their stories and videos and have fun. A chat room entry is very simple. You just need to enter the chat room and select a webcam option for teenagers to have a video chat in groups or with an individual.


The internet is not the enemy for the teenagers if they use it in a good response in order to expand their knowledge. According to a recent research conducted by the University of Minnesota, there are a lot of improvisation in communication skills and technology by the use of chats and texting. It has boosted the creativity of the students (teens) and exposed totally new views of the world. It has taught many activities to the teenagers such as editing the content, think about design or specifications, sharing their creativity i.e; poetry, arts, designs, photography and video contents. Popular teen chat websites are teenchat.com, teenchat.org, mylol.com, chat-avenue.com/teen chat, chatforfree.org/teen chat, 321chat.com/teen, zobe.com, onlinechat.co.in and so on.

Rules of using chat apps:

The most important rule while online chatting in a chat room is to protect your identity. Disable your identity from the public. The people with whom you are chatting might be not the same person as they are showcasing them in front of the public; always be careful. The first main important rule of using teen chat room is to inform your parents about your planning of chatting:

  • Always use a secure chatting website or chat room
  • Do not use your original name, use a nickname
  • Never share your personal details
  • Do not share or enable your original picture
  • Do not use any private chat room instead use a public chat room
  • Do not plan any meet with your online chat friends in real life without informing your parents

Tips to make your experience better:

Do not say anything that you don’t want the public to know because the chat room session is always live and you cannot take back or delete things once you say/ text there. Always remember if you are planning to meet any chat room friend, always meet in a crowded/public place and never share your actual location with them neither your plans of hangout. If you feel offended while chatting with an individual, block that person immediately. In case that chatting turn to some topic which you don’t feel to talk about, just sign out from the chat room or do not respond to the person.