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A conversation with the people attracted to people of the same sex. The people share their views and opinions with people who resemble them and agree with them regardless, the world. There are around 76 countries where homosexuality is illegal and treat as a crime; infect many countries punish the homosexual acts with keeping the victims in the prison, torture and even death. While in some of the countries, homosexuality is legal and they have a similar right like other people. The United States of America has created as an association called, Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA), for the homosexual is an internet trolling organization which contains some well-known websites and internet personalities.

Features provided for users:

There are many free gay chat websites and chat rooms available for the people who are homosexual and are attracted towards the same sex. These websites and chat rooms connect instantly with the gay people directly with the other guys who are looking for similar people via webcam. The sites are the best place to connect with the Guys from around the world connects with them by using a webcam. There are also some websites where you don’t even need to sign up, simply log in and you can start a chat and these are all free websites. The main feature of this website is that you can hit the targeted person chat with.

Advantage of the sites:

There are multiple gay free chat websites such as Gay Chat Room (chat for Gays) where you can start chatting simply by putting a nickname. Another popular site is Gay Chatroulette Alternative for Free Chat with Guys, where you can select the person you want to chat with and also you can put a filter for a specific country. This feature makes this website unique; because other gay chat rooms and website do not provide as such feature and believe like Gay Chatroulette; that homosexual community is also an important part the society as the heterosexual. The site has made difference in the homosexual community by creating this site where thousands of homosexuals connect with each other daily. 81% of the user on this site is the gay, so it’s easy to find a male to connect with on this site. The Chatrandom site has an option of Random Chat, which connects you with all types of people. This is the good place to find the straight guys if you are looking for as there are multiple users online. Another option is Cam4 Chat where you can connect with four strangers at a time and a Chat Rooms is also there, where you can connect with people based on your interests.

Rules of using chat apps and websites:

The guy chat rooms are totally free to use by clicking on chat now after adding a nickname. Unfairness or un-equality towards gay is not acceptable on these websites. Discussion on extreme sexual topics is prohibited on certain websites. Sharing the personal details such as phone number, address, email id is also not allowed. Exploitation and hacking of chat rooms are punishable and the responsible person might be banned from the site permanently. In a case of disruption of the other user, the responsible person will be definitely banned.

Tips for a better experience:

Ensure that the interested person for chatting should have an activated webcam which provides best results. Though the person can see others cam himself could be skipped if don’t have any webcam. You should always select a language (native) in which you are comfortable to communicate. For chatting with a selected person from the specific country, used the app which has this selecting feature. Do not use any gay chat websites or chat rooms if you are under 18 years old.