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In lesbian chat, transmission of text messages, videos, and audios happens to other women who feel the same sexual experience for the other women. Same as gay’s being a lesbian or bisexual is illegal in several countries including India. A very famous feminist writer Naomi McCormick once said it is the men who construct the women sexuality, to justify that the primary indicator of lesbian sexual orientation is when a female experience a sexual attraction to any other women. But this doesn’t prove that the women are heterosexual. Moreover, it’s a bisexual attraction, could be for male or female.

Features provided for the users:

Same like men, there are a lot of lesbian or Trans gendered women chat rooms, apps, and websites available. These websites are available as paid as well as free. Lesbian online chat is a place where the girl finds some interesting girls who resemble them and the experience same sexual attraction for the other women. These chat rooms are available to share everything about your day. Some are for finding a date, some websites talk about homosexual rights in different countries.

Advantages of chat apps:

Some popular lesbian chat websites, chat rooms are 321chat.com, chatfriends/lesbians, chat-avenue.com, chatfamily.com, instaroomchat.com, chatsfriends.net, chathour.com, chatuniverse.net and so on. These are the largest chat rooms available over the internet for lesbians. The instachat room is one of the great options because it has multiple options for a variety of topics, where you get the freedom to choose whatever you want. This includes photos, audios, videos and text messages. Lesbian video chat sites are also available here, these are MyFreeCams.com, StreamCams.com, where you can start your conversation by activating your webcam and will be able to see the other person in front of you. Lesbian phone chat websites are following: LavenderLine.net, TheSystem.us where you will be able to hear only the voice. These sites are made for those women who want to hear only and do not want to see the other person. To take online chatting to the next level; SexChatSexChat.com and 12Chats.com sites are available. Apart from that, lesbian chat apps are also available which you can simply download on your Android/Windows/iPhone and can start using. These apps are made to make the conversation easier.Her, Moovz and Gay & Lesbian chat; theses three are the lesbian chat apps available in present. All these chat websites, chat rooms, and chat apps help to connect different lesbian rooms each other worldwide with anyone anytime.

Rules of using chat apps:

The most important rule is to respect the other user.

  • Do not reveal your identity
  • Do not fill any form provided by users
  • Do not open/download any zip or rar file
  • Do not meet with any user in person
  • Be careful about your money; there are people on almost every chat room who make you fool and get money from you. This could be happen in 3-4 ways such as, Cam Bots, eWhoring, Scams and Cat fishing.
  • Do not ping the person if the user says stop spamming
  • Do not post any rar, zip file or any personal information. This could be detected as virus.
  • Do not troll, spam, racism
  • Do not copy think form the link
  • Do not post any other chat sites information on the other one.

Tips that can make your experience better:

Always try to escape from spamming. There are people on the chat whom will try to gain your trust to get all your money by asking your bank account information. Always avoid such scams. Also, there are sites which offer you to provide pictures, videos, and audios by charging some amount. Most of the time they are the women who target underage kids to get money. Never try to hack or be hacked by anyone; even if you are an experienced hacker.